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                                                          The thermostatic radiator valve can automatically adjust the room temperature to meet your need. It is designed to control flow rate in the room to reach a balance between the interior temperature and the needed temperature.
                                                          Characteristics of products

                                                                   Approved to EN215
                                                                   Passed CE/ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS
                                                                   Setting number 0 to 5
                                                                   Limitable and lockable
                                                                   Hysteresis: <0.5K
                                                                   Liquid sensor
                                                                   Frost protect 

                                                          Technical information

                                                          1.Temperature sensor

                                                          Temperature hysteresis:1.0 k
                                                          Max admissible static pressure:10 bar
                                                          Max admissible differential pressure:1.0 bar
                                                          Normal pressure:16 bar
                                                          Max temperature resistance:110 degree
                                                          Technical Parameter

                                                          Voltage: 230V (220V) 24V
                                                          Status: NC NO
                                                          Power Consumption: 2VA
                                                          Thrust: 110N
                                                          Stroke: 3mm/4mm
                                                          Running time: 3-5min
                                                          Connection size: M30*1.5mm
                                                          Ambient temperature: From -5degree to 60degree
                                                          Cable Length: 1000mm
                                                          Protective housing: IP54
                                                          Tenet: quality first, credit foremost, warmly serve for customers
                                                          Determination: honest is root, develop by technology, strive to exploit, and advance with times

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