No.1,11#Dongtai west Road,Haicheng Street,Longwan District.


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                                                          ?We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service.

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                                                          ZHEJIANG BAIYILUN INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM CO.,LTD specializes in the development and manufacture of heating and temperature control products. With many years of R & D and production experience, the company has a valuable team with many independent production and a number of professional talents...
                                                          Fax: 0086-577-85224838
                                                          Website: www.tpum.icu
                                                          E-mail: [email protected]
                                                          Country/Region: China Zhejiang Wenzhou
                                                          Address: No.1,11#Dongtai West Road, Haicheng Street, Longwan Distric
                                                          Company Name: Zhejiang Baiyilun Intelligent Control System Co.,Ltd
                                                          Tel: 0086-577-85234999,0086-577-85234666
                                                          Tenet: quality first, credit foremost, warmly serve for customers
                                                          Determination: honest is root, develop by technology, strive to exploit, and advance with times

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